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Can you ride the surge?

I woke early this morning with my typical excitement about a new insight. Today it was an idea sparked by a video clip that I had seen the evening before. In the clip below, the venerable Tom Peters talks about the importance of action. “whoever tries the most things wins. it is not about thinking” Tom Peters What resonated with me was that, even if this was a stone-cold fact, most of us will rationalize it away when it comes to our own projects. As described by Kahneman in Thinking, Fast and Slow, our wonderfully perplexing 2-system brains are infinitely


Self Behavioral Design – Promise & Problems

Behavior Design has been popularized as a means of improving product design, marketing, merchandizing, and public policy. Whether your goal is to design an online service that hooks your users, or you seek to increase the number of socially disadvantaged high school students that apply for college, the science of Behavior Design has something to offer. If your objective is to influence the behavior of others, there are many excellent places to begin including books such as: Hooked by Nir Eyal Influence by Robert Cialdini Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman Nudge by Richard Thaler Switch by Dan and