Firestarter Labs


“Why can’t I just do it?”


You know your life would be better if you took the action you’ve been avoiding. That action might be the most trivial of things. Yet you delay.

Other times you might start a project with amazing enthusiasm, which then dissolves like smoke in the wind.


Here is a no nonsense guide to things you can experiment with in order to get just a little better everyday.

  1. Finding your purpose, passion, calling…
  2. Crafting goals that get achieved
  3. Planning your world conquest
  4. Maintaining motivation
  5. Taking action
  6. How to have a good day
  7. Antifragility
  8. How to be an imperfectionist
  9. Skill development
  10. Building mental toughness
  11. Improving your energy
  12. Building confidence
  13. Happier every day
  14. Being intentional
  15. Finishing