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This site is different. This isn’t an academic treatise on procrastination and its causes, an article loaded motivational clichés, nor an arbitrary collection of productivity hacks. While it remains a work in progress, I’m striving to create a resource you (and I) can turn to when we just want to get things done.

This book’s structure is inspired by the Choose Your Own Adventure™ books I loved as a child. As you find your own way through its many paths you’ll gain insight into the workings of your own heart and mind, and incrementally craft your own personalized system for racking up wins.

IMPORTANT: Recognize the gap between reading and doing. We’ve all experienced the desire to find a secret trick that will make the work easy and fun.  We all feel a rush when we gain a new insight.  However, our brains are easily overwhelmed and behavior change is difficult.  Focus on incremental improvements through practice.  Commit yourself now to starting the work when you find the first trick that seems promising.  Take some time to incorporate that new tool into your daily routine.  Leave the rest of the paths in this guide undiscovered so that they can better provide a new spark when you need it in the future.

Finally, acknowledge the temptation to skip steps that feel silly or obvious.  The more deep rooted your procrastination habits, the more important it is to adhere to the details of preparation.

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