• What’s the secret to finishing my project?
    • How can I make it easier to start?
      • How can I make it easier to start right now?
      • What habits can I develop to support consistent daily progress?
    • How can I find an enjoyable flow?
    • What can I do about my nagging doubts?
  • How do I improve my day-to-day efficiency?

Goals, Passion, and Purpose

  • How do I find my life mission / passion?
  • What can I do to become extraordinary?
  • How do I choose between careers / jobs?
  • How can I advance in my career?
  • Should I quit?
  • It feels like a chore, does that mean I should change course?
  • Should I take on this new goal/project?

Skill Building

  • How do I build the skills that will make me remarkable?
  • How do I choose which skills to pursue?
  • How do I efficiently develop my skills?

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